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Emergency, Everybody to Get From Street!!!

Well, not an ACTUAL emergency, a cooking one. When you don’t have anything in mind, and are tempted to bring home a bucket of chicken, a good emergency stash will stop you.  There is no sense throwing away good money on food when therenis food in the house.  Besides, fast food sticks straight to your ass!!!

So, that being said..there are certain things that Must be in the kitchen.  Buy these things when they are on sale.  Dust off one shelf, and keep everything in the same place (except the perishables, duh).  Then there will always be a meal.


Can Goods:  Buy on brand is okay, since you can’t really tell if you cook with it:

tomato sauce

tomato paste

baked beans

“cream of” soup

tomato soup

brown gravy

rotel tomatoes



Dry Goods:



taco mix (in foil pack)

those fake canned onion ring thingies




ground beef

individually wrapped frozen chicken breasts



milk (if it something that you don’t use for other things, used canned.  i prefer soy milk, but that’s just me)

sour cream


and that’s it.  you will be able to make a lot of things, but nothing so inspired as to get excited about.  That way you won’t run through it too quickly.

and just a note….this is probably best for family meals, not feeding friends or in-laws

have a stress free day, and try not to kill anyone!!





The weather is really shitty, can everyone say Chili!!

It’s cold and rainy.  I get the feeling that  game #1 of the world series ain’t happening.  So depression sinks in.  That is when we all need some comfort food.  The best shitty weather comfort food is chili.  This isn’t one of those world championship cook-off winner, 35 ingredient chili recipes.  They have their place.  but, a cold nasty day isn’t the place.  If you think about this early enough, you can use the crock pot, but you probably won’t think about it early enough, so find a fairly large pot.  Then some how manage to assemble the following:

1 lb. ground beef

1 onion (chopped up)*

1 can of tomato soup +

1 soup can full of water

1 can of dark red kidney beans (DON’T  drain)

1 good sized T. chili powder

start with 1 t of salt, and work your way up as you like it…not much of a salt person myself

This is easy to remember because if you notice, it’s one of everything.  It’s an easy recipe to store in your brain for those days when you are food shopping and pass some of the ingredients on sale.

1) brown the meat with the chopped onions.  drain it really well on paper towels, and wipe out the inside of the pot with another paper towel…greasy chili is nasty.

2)  Then put the meat mixture back in the pot, over low heat.  Add everything else and simmer for at least 30 mins.  taste as it heats to see if it wants more salt or chili powder.

3)  You cr this with crackers, fritos, cheese on top, corn bread or whatever.  be sure and refrigerate left overs because it’s even better reheated.


* okay, at the risk of doing a commercial, since  i have discovered this, i haven’t chopped an onion.  this would be one of the few kitchen gadgets i would rescue if the house caught on fire!

+  a word about cooking with soup.  Campbells isn’t necessary.  if you are going to cook with it, buy the house brand, or the cheapest you can find.  they are usually on sale or a BOGO, and you honestly can’t tell the difference.


A Disclaimer, of Sorts

Before I start, here are some things to be considered:

1)  Unless a holiday is involved in some way, almost every recipe is inexpensive. 

2)  Nothing here is going to win any awards for haute cuisine, but all will keep you alive, and your family will probably eat it.

3)  When I cook, I don’t always measure, but I have tried my dead level best to get the quantities right. 

4)  I’ll give credit to anyone who gave me a recipe, assuming I can remember who it was.

5)  Anyone can misread a recipe…so disasters may happen, so sorry


so here goes the inaugural recipe


Cheddar Hash Brown Casserole


2 lbs. frozen has browns, thawed  (use the shredded not the “hunks”)

small carton of sour cream

1 can cream of mushroom soup

1 chopped onion

1-1/4 stick butter (or margerine…use what you’ve got)

16 oz. shredded Velveeta cheese (buy it already grated in the yellow bag.  I guess it is possible to grate actual Velveeta in block form, but I bet it would be a bitch).


Melt the butter and throw the onion in there.  Mess them around a little bit until the onions are clear.  Find a fairly good size casserole dish, spray some Pam in it and mix everything (including the onion/butter stuff) together, but leave out a couple of handfuls of cheese to throw on top.  Then do so.


Bake it uncovered at 325 degrees for about an hour.


So, I am going to get in here today and reformat this I just have to get it worked out in my mind.  IN THE MEAN TIME—



My Own Drummer

When I was a child, all of the other little girls wanted to be wives and mommies.  I wanted to be Patton…perhaps it was the jodhpurs or the fact that i wanted to boss people around.


Through the years I have had to reinvent myself many times, but one thing has never changed…I am one hell of a good cook.  So,  I’ve decided that it’s time to “share the love”. 


Look tomorrow for recipe for  Potato and cheese casserole..

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